A Sleek and Minimalist Designed Mirror Cabinet

Magic Mirror Plus™ is an one box solution, packaged with all the required components in a vandal-resistant metal cabinet.

A Sleek and Minimalist Designed Mirror Cabinet

Ready to Plug-and-Play

Once transported to the site, it’s ready to go. Everything is securely screwed within the cabinet. No technical person required onsite.


4 Caster Wheels

Can be wheeled around easily with the caster wheels.


Tempered Safety Glass

Magic Mirror Plus™ glass has been processed by controlled chemical treatments to increase its strength, ensuring the additional safety of the mirror.


Lockable Backdoor Access

To secure the equipment stored inside the cabinet and enable access to the equipment whenever required.


Optimum Cabinet Height

Designed to be lower than the most doorways, allowing it to be easily moved under the doorway.


Magic Mirror Plus™ is equipped with the following components to run various apps and execute the functions such as play video, take photo, etc.

Ico Kinect Body Sensor

Kinect Body Sensor

Detects users’ body movement.

Ico DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera

Captures high resolution photos up to 12.2 megapixels.

Ico Studio Flash

Studio Flash

Provides proper lighting to take photos clearly under various lighting conditions.

Ico Response Visual Unit

Response Visual Unit

Comes with dedicated Graphic Card, ensuring a smooth running of all apps.

Ico Full HD Display

Full HD Display

A high resolution screen display showing the screen user interface, video, etc.

Ico Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Provide interactive communication with Magic Mirror Plus™ such as entering email to share photos, etc.

Optional Accessories

Magic Mirror Plus™ comes with optional accessories such as photo printer and flight case which are designed specifically to fit the cabinet.

DNP RX-1 Photo Printer

DNP RX-1 Photo Printer

Energy saving and cost-effective, DS-RX1 delivers prints in 10x15, 13x18 and 15x20, on matte or glossy surface, in a resolution ranging from 300x300 to 300x600dpi.

Print Size

4R (4.0 x 6.0")
6R (6.0 x 8.0")
Photo strip
Perforated prints
Flight Case

Flight Case

A specially designed flight case with foam interior to protect the equipment and glass of Magic Mirror Plus™ while transporting from one place to another. It also comes with wheels to ease transportation.

Dimension : 990mm x 470mm x 1860mm
Weight : 50kg

White Label Cabinet Design

Magic Mirror Plus™ is a completely white label mirror photo booth, it can be easily reskin to suit your own brand image and settings.

Re-branding Opportunities

Magic Mirror Plus™ features a classy black metal casing with matt finishing, which can easily blend in into any store’s décor and event settings. The simple and minimal look of the cabinet provides branding opportunities where you can customise it with your own logos, images and branding. You may reskin it by adding an extra mirror frame or get some customised vinyl stickers around the mirror surface and cabinet area.

Re-branding Opportunities