Comparison of the Mirrors.

Elegant and sleek design that suits every placements

HD Resolution

Easily Manageable from Anywhere

Runs on its own, no Staff Required Onsite

No Installation Required, just Plug & Play

Their Differences?

Magic Mirror 24™

Magic Mirror 55™

Glass Option

One-way Mirror

Glass or One-way Mirror


24″ Touchscreen

55″ with Touchscreen


Tabletop / Free Standing / Wall Mount

Free-standing / Wall Mount

Motion Sensor

Kinect body sensor

Card Reader

NFC Card Reader

RFID Reader

Interactive Advertisements
Loyalty Card Kiosk
Fun Photo Booth
Virtual Makeover
Order & Booking
Custom Integration
Usage Analytics
Viewing Analytics
Virtual Dressing
Recommended Industry

Fashion, Retailers, Shopping Mall

Fashion, Museum, Events