Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Specs

What is the dimension of the Magic Mirror?

The dimension for Magic Mirror is about 230mm D x 1930mm H x 990mm W. It has a base with dimension about 570mm D as the foundation with 4x caster wheels so that you can easily move the cabinet from one place to another.

What power voltage does it requires?

Our mirror cabinet require only 1 power socket and 1 network cable port. The required power voltage is 220 - 240V.

What if the power plug in my country doesn’t fit?

We could supply an adaptor converter for you to use in your country.

Does Magic Mirror support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? What connectivity does it support?

It supports and run on both Wi-Fi and LAN connection, it's recommended to have LAN connection as it's more stable compared to Wi-Fi.

Could you provide any information with regards to equipment durability or setup?

All the equipment comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty, because we’re using top branded equipment such as Canon, Dell and et cetera, the lifespan of the equipment is expected to be last for more than 7 years.

May I purchase software and hardware separately?

Our standard Magic Mirror package comes with both hardware and software, all in one unit. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide you with software and hardware separately, as all our software modules are designed and developed based on our own hardware platform and may not suit your hardware settings. Since we have our in house software team, we could also provide better remote support if there is any issue.

Can the magic mirror be used outdoors or does it have to be used only in indoors?

The Magic Mirror is designed for indoor settings. However, it could be placed outdoor provided that it has shelter, and will not be under direct contact with sunlight or rain. Also, strong internet connection would be necessary.

What power voltage does it requires?

Our mirror cabinet require only 1 power socket and 1 network cable port. The required power voltage is 100 - 240V.

Does it support printing option and what is the compatible models of printer?

The mirror can be connected to a dye-sub printer, currently we are using DNP RX-1 Photo Printer, but if you have other printer, you may let us know the model and we could check on its compatibility.

What length are the plugs and how many plugs will the unit require?

Magic Mirror would require only one electricity powerpoint and one network cable port (optional - as Magic Mirror can also run with WIFI). The powerpoint should be placed at the bottom right of the wall where the Magic Mirror is installed.

Is the network connection on the unit wired or wireless?

The Internet connection can be either run on Ethernet cable or WIFI.

What is the minimum network requirement?

The minimum bandwidth requirement is 1Mbps, preferably without quota limit. And the network consumption is fully dependent on the usage, it will be approximately 2MB per photo sharing to social media. However there might be an extra consumption during remote support session for software updates, technical support and etc.

What is the format of the software?

Our Magic Mirror software is in Windows-based.

Is it possible to print user photos from the mirror?

Yes, our Magic Mirror comes with an optional professional dye sub photo printer, you may contact our sales team for a quote for this option. Users can print their photos directly from the mirror cabinet and get the photocopies instantly.

What is the color of the frame? Material of the structure? Can we customize it?

Our standard unit comes with black casing with matt finishing, which can easily blend in into the store’s décor and event settings. However if you would prefer to have a customize frame colour, you may send the colour code to us and we could customize for you at an additional cost. The frame of the Magic Mirror can be easily reskin. You may customise it by adding a wooden mirror frame in front of the mirror glass, or you may also design your own vinyl stickers to be sticked onto the mirror surface and around the cabinet (provided it does not cover the display monitors and camera), to suit your own branding image and decor settings.

Customization and Social Media Sharing

Can I customize the Magic Mirror to be used for future different events? Is there any cost incurred?

Yes, standard customization such as updating the logo, Facebook page link, photo frame design, videos, etc. can be done to fit into different event requirements via the control panel. In order to access to the Control Panel, retailer would need to sign our support contract with the monthly fee of £29.50+vat.

How much time will it take to produce a 3D product?

Depending on the complexity of the garment, if it is within our standard template, the rendering will take 3-5 working days, if its a customised garment, it will take approximately 7-10 working days. You may send the design to us for further discussion on the timeline.

As an event company, we have our very own designers to design the assets, do I still need to pay for every asset upload to the Magic Mirror?

Your designers can design and upload all the assets through the control panel without any charges from Magic Mirror, but we do have services offered to create the designs on your behalf.

Do you have sharing options where users are able to post their photos on social networks using hashtag function?

Yes, our Magic Mirror is able to share photos taken to social media using hashtag function or standard sharing, they would have the option to also share to their email.

Do you provide a protective case for Magic Mirror delivery?

All of our Mirrors would are pre-packed in a wooden crate to ensure safety for international delivery. We also offer a tailor-made flight case with an extra cost so it could be reused for future transportation. Please Contact Us for full pricing.

Which social networks sharing are supported by the mirror?

For all standard modules, Magic Mirror can be connected to email, Facebook and Twitter; you may choose to hide these functions if you do not want to be connected to social networks.

How do I provide you with the virtual dressing assets?

What we would require from you is just the 2D garment images, which normally available in your E-Commerce site. And you may provide us with the list of product details and we could display it according to the product ID. For further details, please refer to Virtual Dressing Customisation Document.

Post photo on Facebook.

User could post the photos to their own Facebook account. You may customize the text messages and may overlay your brand logo on the posted photos in Facebook. Users could also post the photo to retailers’ Facebook page as long as we get the admin password for that page.

The ability for users to connect with their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share their picture.

Yes, with the touchscreen, user can share their photos to Twitter, Facebook and Email to someone. Instagram is currently not available, this is because the lack of API from Instagram (Instagram hasn’t yet allowed third party to create App to connect to its network).

Does it collect user data for the customers? If Yes – where does it store it?

Yes, you could grab the user information from the usage log, which can be downloaded from your control panel account.

Is the device able to print the photos or is it sending the images via emails to the users?

We’ve sharing options for users to share it to their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and email. And if you would like to have printing option, we could provide with a photo printer, however there will be additional charges incurred.

Content Management

How is the information loaded into the Magic Mirror?

Our technical team could remote connect to the Magic Mirror to load the information into it. We would also quarterly upgrade magic mirror software, to support and diagnose issue over the phone and via remote connect support as part of our support contract’s services.

Once we've bought the mirror is it possible to change and customize options and functions by ourself after the first use?

Yes, you’re able to do the standard customisation to fit into your future marketing events or to suit your client’s branding. You may upload and replace the assets to the mirror via a control panel. For example, you could customise the photo frame, branding logo, idle video and upload it to the control panel. You could also customise the photo sharing text on the social media (email, Facebook and Twitter) through our control panel. And if you require any technical support from us, our technical team could remotely connect to the mirror to assist you further.

The programming part, is it done by your company in which we will send you the necessary visuals and logos?

Yes, our technical team would be doing the programming part (the software modules) while the interactive content such as video, photo frames, logos, etc. would be provided by the retailer or digital agency. A customization document, specifying the format of the interactive content, would be sent over to the interactive content provider.

For the pre-included games, can I know if the games are customizable or there’s a selection of few games?

The game objects (which are dropping from the top) and the ‘container’ (to collect the dropping items) are customizable based on retailer’s requirements. The game rules to win the voucher are also customizable. What we would need from your side are just some game object images in the pre-determined format and also some details about the social media sharing. After getting the images, we would incorporate it into our standard game flow to ‘reskin’ it so that the game UI is matching with your event’s requirements.

What is the predetermined format for clothes images?

Clothes images should be in PNG format with invisible background, at 1200 * 2700 dimensions, placement of clothes within image must be according to a provided mannequin image (please download from here), the image should be facing front without any angle distortion. Please zoom in the shoulder part of the mannequin image and adjust the clothes images to exactly align with the shoulder of the mannequin. This is to optimize the accuracy when users virtually try-on the dresses on Magic Mirror.

Do you provide a standard workflow that we can use?

Yes, we’ve standard user flow for customers to reuse and rebrand to suit their brand image.

Does it also support eyewear and necklace?

Yes, we can support eyewear and necklace. The eyewear and handbag images will be superimposed on the user’s face and neck in the photo taken respectively. Images should be in PNG format with invisible background, at 1200 * 1200 dimensions, placement of eyewear or necklace within image must be according to a provided mannequin image (please download from here).

Ideally, what would be the recommended number of items that can be show cased in Magic Mirror?

Ideally, we would recommend retailer to showcase 20-30 items on Magic Mirror. These items could be the latest collection, hot selling items, recommended items for different looks, etc.

Are there ways to implement a combination of 2 or 3 clothes on the screen, which you can build in?

We can combine 2 or 3 clothes on the screen but it is not recommended as these clothes would not be nicely matched. What we would suggest is you could combine these clothes into a single image and it would looks much better than multiple separate clothes images displayed on the same screen.

System Support and Maintenance

Is there any support available if there is any technical or relevant issues happen?

We would support our client via phone, emails and remote connect to magic Mirror for remote support. When comes to faulty parts, we will send engineer on site to swap over the faulty parts and there will be an engineer callout charge.

Does it require maintenance on the hardware?

Magic Mirror hardware is very straightforward and less likely to maintenance. Replacing a new one will be cheaper than repairing the faulty hardware. When comes to hardware replace, it is just to unplug the faulty hardware and re-plug the replacement, any handy man is able to do this.

How do we stay current with the companies software updates?

Software upgrade would be provided (for retailers under support contract only) on a quarterly basis to keep the mirror updated with the latest mirror version and to keep it updated to the latest API of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Is there a system in place where we can control ads, update photo frames etc remotely?

A web-based control panel would be provided where you could access to upload a new photo frame or replace a new advertising video clips etc.

Would you able to provide support to a Magic Mirror installed in oversea?

Yes, we are able to provide maintenance and service by remote connect support to the Magic Mirror. We would quarterly upgrade magic mirror software, to support and diagnose issue over the phone, email and via remote connect support.

Is there any warranty included?

The warranty is on all the equipment stored inside the mirror cabinet and it is a 1 year warranty.

Can the Magic Mirrors placed in different location be administered remotely from a central office?

Yes, we have a control panel where you can upload/update the assets such as garment images, product info, photo frames, email customization info, etc. and upload the latest version of data into the Magic Mirror units.

System Integration

When the mirror isn’t being actively used, does it have the capability to function as a digital billboard?

Yes, the Magic Mirror would continuously play the following digital contents in a loop, act as a digital signage when the magic mirror is not in use.

  • 1. Promotional videos
  • 2. Photo slideshow
  • 3. Instructional message
Does it integrate with POS so that shoppers can purchase directly from the mirror?

We could provide a QR code on the screen, where user could scan the QR code using their smartphone and they will be directed to the E-commerce site to complete the purchase.


Can the Mirror auto turn on and off at the pre-scheduled time based on the store opening time?

Magic Mirror will be pre-set to turn on and shut down automatically at the scheduled time. Once the mirror is turned on, the default Magic Mirror application will also start automatically. The time is normally scheduled based on the opening time and the closing time of your store or event. However, you can also start or close the Magic Mirror application at any point of time.

What should I do if camera is not functioning?

  • 1. Check and make sure the power of camera is turned on.
  • 2. Unplug the power cable and plug in again.
  • 3. If the power is on but the battery power is depleted, then it might because of the power cable is not functioning.
  • 4. Reboot the Magic Mirror by power off the main switch of Magic Mirror, wait for 2-3 mins, and power on again.

What should I do if printer is not working?

  • 1. Check and make sure the power of printer is turned on.
  • 2. Unplug the power cable and plug in again.
  • 3. Reboot the Magic Mirror by power off the main switch of Magic Mirror, wait for 2-3 mins, and power on again.

What should I do if Kinect is not working?

Kinect is considered not working when People standing in front of the mirror cannot be detected:

You can walk out from the sensor area and walk in again to see if the kinect detects you. The ideal distance for the kinect detection is 1.5 meter from the mirror.

  • 1. Check and make sure the power of Kinect is on.
  • 2. Unplug the cables and plug in again.
  • 3. Reboot the Magic Mirror by power off the main switch of Magic Mirror, wait for 2-3 minutes, and power on again. Please make sure you switch on the PC in Magic Mirror.
What should I do if the mirror is not connected to Internet?

  • 1. Check your internet router.
  • 2. Contact your internet service provider if the Internet connection is not available.

What should I do if the mirror screen is hanged?

  • 1. Switch off the main power
  • 2. Wait for 5 minutes and turn on the main switch again.


Does installation include sending someone to the installation site?

Yes, we could send a technical person to assist in the installation. However, some of our customers do not need our support personnel to be on site for the installation because it is very easy and straightforward. Our mirror will be delivered pre-configured and it is ready to plug and play. If there is any assistance required, we are happy to provide support via phone to guide through the installation process.

Is it fully operational by only the customer or does it require a technical personnel on-site to do the installation/configuration?

Magic Mirror is designed to be self-operated without the presence of support personnel. The program will be running with the pre-configured assets once the the unit is powered on and connected to the internet.

Does the mirror must be screwed to the wall or it could be free standing in some cases?

There are two options for Magic Mirror installation, which are

  • i. mobile unit with caster wheels – features high mobility, allows you to reposition the Magic Mirror easily
  • ii. flush mount unit – To better blend into the store design
How long does it take to setup once in location?

The Magic Mirror setup would only takes not more than 2 hours because the mirror will be delivered pre-configured, ready to plug-and-play.

Does the mirror overheat easily? Do we need to take this into consideration when placing the mirror?

No, the mirror would not get overheat easily and shouldn’t be placed next to the heater. And, the mirror would need to be accessed from the back, not just for ventilation but also for accessing the equipment in case any equipment becomes faulty.

Delivery and Transportation

What are the ways of shipment and the respective lead time?

The software configuration would takes around 2 weeks’ time once we have received all the assets required in the correct format. The delivery time would depend on the location and which freight you are choosing. It would takes around 3 – 5 days for delivery within UK through land transportation. For the oversea delivery (outside UK), air freight (5 – 7 days) would normally faster than sea freight (a few weeks’ time) because by sea freight, it would normally has only one journey each week. The lead time would also depends on the time taken for the customs clearance in your country.

How long does it takes for the software customization upon my order confirmation?

We would require 2-3 weeks time for the software customisation, upon receiving all the creative assets in correct format and requirements.

For oversea delivery (outside UK), which freight is more economical to go for?

For 1 unit, the cost for air and sea freight is not much different. When it comes to volume order, then sea freight will be more economical.

Can we insure the mirror?

Normally, a basic insurance would be included during freight. The added insurance against the damages during transporting process need to be purchased separately and we can help with this arrangement.

Can I use my own freight forwarder to handle the shipment?

Yes, your freight forwarder can come and pick up from our office, and take it to package (crate and pallet), and then ship out. The freight company usually has its own packaging partner and they can provide this service.

By default, what sort of packing is done for magic mirror?

The packing required is usually just so that it fulfills the transport requirement – keep the cargo safe and able to be transported around by fork lift when it goes through ports and depots. It is a wooden crate.

How do we transport and setup the mirror unit for multiple events?

We’ve customised a new flight case recently, which we believe would help to ease the transportation of the mirror unit from one place to another. Basically this flight case is specially designed for oversea shipments and to help event companies in moving the unit to each of their events. You may take a look at the video here, and see how it works.

Cost & Payment

What is the payment term?

We usually require full upfront payment prior to equipment configuration and delivery. The payment can be made by bank transfer with the following bank details,

Account Name: Nurserycam Limited
Business Address: 7 Forbes Chase, Sandhurst, GU47 0FT, United Kingdom
Bank name: HSBC
Bank address: HSBC, 8 Canada Square 13 E4 01, London, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB50MIDL40380432500922
Sort Code: 40-38-04
Account Number: 32500922
What is the process of payment?

We will send a Pro-forma Invoice to retailers to view and sign on. Upon receiving signed order and full upfront payment, we will start working on the hardware and software configuration for Magic Mirror.

Do you accept credit card for payment?

We do not accept credit card. Payment can be made by BACS transfer or by cheque payable to “Nurserycam Ltd”.

What type of duty tax do you think we could expect per unit?

It is depending on the import policy of your own country, unfortunately we couldn’t advise on this. However for all oversea shipment, we would prepare the relevant documents for custom clearance, such as commercial invoice and packing list, with a specific HS code and product description on it, which is normally comes with very low duty charges or sometimes duty tax-free in some of the countries.


I’m interested in distributing Magic Mirror in my region. How can I become your reseller?

Fill in the Contact Form, and our sales team would advise you on how to proceed with the next step.

Is there any training required to become your reseller?

The installation of Magic Mirror is very easy and straightforward because the mirror will be delivered pre-configured, ready to plug and play. If the Magic Mirror has any technical problem, our support personnel are able to provide maintenance by remote connect to the Magic Mirror. So, no training is required for our reseller.

In case a client from my region directly requests for a quote from Magic Mirror, then what would happen?

If your client directly requests a quote from us, we will pass them back to you. We are happy to provide the support or assistance to you if your client has any sales enquiries.

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Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed