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Technical Specs

What is the dimension of the Magic Mirror?

The dimension of Magic Mirror is 809mm x 450mm x 1874mm (WxDxH). It comes with a base plate that allows it to be placed free-standing or wall-mounted.

What if the power plug provided doesn't fit with my country's?

We will supply a compatible power plug for you to use in your country. The supported power voltage is 100-240V.

Does Magic Mirror support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? What connectivity does it support?

It supports and runs on both Wi-Fi and LAN connection. However, it's recommended to have a LAN connection as it's more stable compared to Wi-Fi. 

Could you provide any information with regards to equipment durability or setup?

All the equipment comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The life span of the equipment is expected to last for at least 7 years or more as Magic Mirror uses branded equipment such as Canon and Dell.

May I purchase software and hardware separately?

Our standard Magic Mirror package comes with both hardware and software, all in one unit. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with software and hardware separately, as all our software modules are designed and developed based on our own hardware platform and may not suit your hardware settings. Since we have our in house software team, we could also provide better remote support if there is an issue.

Can the Magic Mirror be used outdoors or must it have to be used in indoors?

Magic Mirror is designed for indoor settings. Nonetheless, it can be placed outdoor if it has a shelter and will not be directly exposed to sunlight or rain. In addition, a strong Internet connection is required.

What power voltage does Magic Mirror requires?

Our mirror cabinet requires 1 power socket and 1 network cable port. The required power voltage is 100 - 240V. 

Does it support printing option and what is the compatible models of printer?

Magic Mirror can be connected to a dye-sub printer, and to our photo printer - DNP RX-1. Feel free to let us know your printer's model and we could check whether it is compatible.

Is the network connection on Magic Mirror wired or wireless?

The Internet connection can either be run on Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

Internet connection will be needed during these sessions:

  • Sharing user's photo/video via email
  • Generating QR Codes for the user to download photo/video
  • Uploading user's photo/video to control panel gallery
  • New playlist download
  • Content update via the control panel
  • PC remote session
What is the minimum network requirement?

The minimum bandwidth requirement is 1Mbps, preferably without a quota limit. The network consumption is fully dependent on the usage, it will be approximately 2MB for sharing a photo to social media platform. However, there might be an extra consumption during remote support session for software updates and technical support.

What is the Operating System for Magic Mirror?

Our Magic Mirror software is in Windows-based.

What is the material of Magic Mirror and the color of its frame? Can we design and customize the outlook of Magic Mirror?

Our standard unit comes with a black casing with matt finishing, which can easily blend into the store’s decoration and event settings. The frame of the Magic Mirror can also be easily reskinned. You may customize it by adding a wooden mirror frame in front of the mirror glass, or you may also design your own vinyl stickers to stick onto the mirror surface and around the cabinet (make sure it does not cover the display monitors and camera), to suit your own branding image and decoration settings.

Is it possible to use a third-party software?

No, the digital kiosk does not support third-party software as it runs on the Magic Mirror OS platform. We do have many software modules and assets available, so you will most likely find the needed experiences from our existing modules. To look at our offerings of products types, please refer to Section 4.1 in the Information Pack.

Can a mirror be motion or voice activated without touching screen?

Yes, Magic Mirror can be activated by both motion and voice detection.

The built-in Kinect will be able to detect when there is someone standing in front of the mirror and it will activate the application. Magic Mirror also supports gesture control, where the users can raise their hand to take a photo or swipe to change to the next item.

For voice activation, it’s recommended to place the mirror in a quiet environment with limited/no background noise, to ensure the accuracy of the voice detection.

How long is the lead time for Delivery and Customisation Required?

It only required two to three weeks (about 10 to 15 working days) starting from the payment and sales confirmation date. We have readily stocks in the office, standard delivery lead time would be 1-2 weeks of hardware delivery, but the actual delivery time is subject to customs clearance. The lead time for project customization will be 2-3 weeks where both hardware and software delivery can run in parallel. The applications will be uploaded once you have received the unit.

What type of installation methods are available for Magic Mirror?

We have 4 installation types, which includes Free Standing, Wall Mount, and Bolt Down to the floor, as well as Flush Mount into the wall with back access. For more information, please refer to 2.3 Installation Types in the Information Pack.

How long does it take to setup Magic Mirror?

It will approximately take 1 hours to setup. The program will start running once it is powered on and connected to the Internet. Take a look on our 1 Minute Setup Demonstration.

Do I need to write scripts or design graphics to configure an event?

No scripts writing or designs required. The Magic Mirror Control Panel enables you to create and configure events through web interface such as Chrome. You can customise the number of digital photo frames, upload your designs, adjust the number of try-on experience for users to choose from, configure the Sharing Option and Disclaimer, etc. Additionally, there are design themes ready for easy selection and application, meanwhile you can also upload your bespoke custom designs.

Will Magic Mirror provide any support if there is any technical issues?

Our customers are typically located overseas but they do receive constant support from us. We can provide maintenance and services by remotely connecting to your Magic Mirror. In addition, we have 2 support offices that are based in the United Kingdom (GMT+1) and Malaysia (GMT+8). This helps with managing the time difference and we can attend to your needs as soon as possible.

Can the Magic Mirror 55 project images onto larger surfaces such as walls or projector screens?

While all our Magic Mirrors do not come equipped with a projector to directly project images and we wish to take into consideration users‘ choice on displaying themselves in a huge screen. If such a requirement is still needed, you can connect a screen mirroring device or duplicate the visual directly from an HDMI signal output onto another media to achieve such results.

Can the screen display your surroundings along with some visuals?

Yes, since the camera does capture and display live feed, it will show the surrounding that it captures, and AR displays an abundance of visual effects on the foreground, background, as well as 2D or 3D objects. Please take a look with our Customer Case Studies and Media Library.

Customization and Social Media Sharing

Is it possible to customise the app to match the respective branding based on the different events?

Yes, our apps are highly customisable to match the branding of your choice, and you are able to update the branding assets as many times as you like via our Control Panel. The Magic Mirror Control Panel also comes with Event Planner and Playlist, you are able to configure the time and date schedule accordingly.

What is the customisation required if I want to run a Photo Booth Event using MirrorBooth?

Magic Mirror provides a lot of flexibility for customisation, yet, you have no stress to prepare everything on your own. We have default assets ready on each event creation, you can also replace your own overlay design on the photo, stickers, welcome video and more.

Can we do our own 3D scanning and import it into the Virtual Dressing system?

Unfortunately, the rendering process of 3D Virtual dressing does not work with a 3D scan. Reason being that these models need to be mapped onto the user joint points, and move along with the user. Items that are modeled through instant 3D scans would not have the flexibility to stretch when the user moves.

How much time will be needed to render a 3D product?

After order confirmation, it will typically take 2 - 3 weeks to render 10 pieces of 3D Virtual Dressing. Clients are welcome to send us their designs and a number of pieces for a more accurate timeline.

As an event company, we have our graphic design team to design the pieces. Are we still entitled to pay for every asset that is being uploaded to Magic Mirror?

Updating and uploading 2D product pictures through the control panel is free of charge. Nonetheless, design services are also readily available at an additional cost.

If the product is to be in 3D, you will have to go through Magic Mirror for customization at an additional cost.

Do you provide a protective case for Magic Mirror delivery?

Yes, Magic Mirror would be pre-packed into a wooden crate for international delivery. We also offer a tailor-made flight case at an additional cost. The flight case is equipped with wheels to ease the transportation process. For more information on pricing, feel free to Contact Us.

What should I provide to Magic Mirror if I'm interested in Virtual Dressing?

We would require 2D images of your products and you are welcome to provide us with product details for us to display it according to the product ID. For more information, please refer to Virtual Dressing Customisation Document.

How can users connect and post their photos to their personal social media account?

Magic Mirror will generate a QR code for their pictures and users can save photos into their phones and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Can Magic Mirror collect customer's data such as photos taken or email address? If so, where can I locate it?

Yes, you can collect the usage rate of photos taken or shared from the web-based control panel that we will be providing. With the user's consent, you may also keep a record of the basic user data for future marketing purposes. For more information regarding data collection privacy, please refer to Magic Mirror Privacy Statement

Content Management

How are the information and graphics loaded into the Magic Mirror?

Our technical team can load information and upgrade the Magic Mirror software (quarterly) remotely. We will also provide support and diagnose issues over the phone or via remote connect support as these are included in the Support Contract.

After purchasing Magic Mirror, can we change or customize various features by ourselves for future events?

Yes, you can make standard customization by yourself through the web-based control panel that we will be providing. For more information, please refer to the 4.3 Magic Mirror Control Panel in the Information Pack.

Are the games in the Magic Mirror customizable?

We have ready-made game templates. By replacing the background and game objects, you can personalize the game into various themes, such as Football, Christmas or any specific campaigns.

Do you provide a standard workflow that we can use?

Yes, we have standard user flow for customers to reuse and rebrand to suit their brand image. Please refer to Section 4.1 of the Information Pack for more details.

What are the software available? Is it suitable for all industries?

Our software modules and devices are straightforward and user-friendly. In order to enhance the user experience, they are designed to be plug-and-play. For retailers in the fashion industry, we can provide In-Store Catalog and Virtual 3D Products options. For Event Organiser, our devices can act as a photo booth to increase customer interactions. Magic Mirror is able to customize different features for various industries and purposes. Feel free to refer to our Solution Pages or Contact Us for more information.

What are the differences between 2D Virtual Dressing and 3D Virtual Dressing?

Differences between 2D and 3D assets:

2D Asset:

  • 1. It is less costly to maintain as the images are typically readily available on the e-commerce website.
  • 2. Assets are flat images that are superimposed onto the user but lack depth perception.
  • 3. The 2D asset can scale accordingly to the user's body size but it wouldn't follow the user's twist and turn movement.

3D Asset:

  • 1. 3D asset are more immersive and realistic and they provide a better user's experience.
  • 2. 3D asset are able to sync and follow the user's movement from various angles and perspective.
  • 3. Magic Mirror is able to assist with 3D rendering, kindly provide images showing front and side view of the assets.
How can I manage the software content on Magic Mirror?

We will provide you with a web-based control panel where you can make standard customization for your specific products/events. For instance, you can change the photo frames, logo, sharing text and etc. by uploading to the control panel. Magic Mirror also provides customization support at an additional charge. 

How can users check out on Magic Mirror after browsing products?

We will pre-defined QR codes and direct consumers to your e-commerce site for check out. 

What media format should I need to prepare to send to you for asset creation?

For asset creation, we accept a variety of media formats tailored to your needs. You can provide 3D models in formats such as OBH, FBX or JewelCAD (.jcd). Alternatively, high-resolution 2D images in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or RAW formats are also welcomed. For the production of 3D assets from 2D images, kindly include a front and side view of the assets. Simply choose the format that best suits your content, and we'll get started on creating your assets. For more information, please refer to Virtual Dressing Customisation Documents.

What would the Magic Mirror display when it is not being used.

The Magic Mirror will display pre-loaded videos or images that are provided by the clients when it is in an idle state.

Will I have a demonstration on the entire flow as per my requirement after my purchase?

Yes, we would record a video, showing the entire flow with the UI design to ensure that everything is accurate before delivering it to the client.

Is it possible to have jewellery or accessories try-on?

Yes, this is technically achievable. We recommend hats, necklaces or glasses for try-on accessories. Nonetheless, accessories such as earrings or rings are not recommended as the sizing of those accessories are too small to display their design details in a live view mirror.

What language does the Magic Mirror comes with?

The default language for Magic Mirror is English. Nonetheless, the display language is customizable upon request.

How many clothing pieces are included in the standard Virtual Dressing Package?

For your first time purchase, we would provide free standard customization, which includes 5x 3D garment pieces and a reasonable amount of 2D garment pieces. The cost for additional garment pieces in 3D / 2D may differ based on the required garment pieces.

Virtual Dressing is recommended to be used as a marketing tool rather than a product browsing tool. Retailers typically find that the standard customization package is sufficient to attract customers and prompt them to engage in shopping.

Is it possible to virtually try-on a top and bottom at the same time?

Yes, customers can virtually try on fix set of outfits at the same time. However, we do not carry Mix & Match feature where you can switch out the top and keep the bottom clothing. We provide a fixed set of outfits.

What are the common applications available for Self-service Kiosk provided by Magic Mirror?

Magic Mirror has years of experience in doing unmanned digital signage, we have a list of ready-made applications such as Visitor Check-in Kiosk, Food Ordering Kiosk, Information  Kiosk, Product Finder, Wayfinding Directory, Payment Kiosk and more.

System Support and Maintenance

Do I need to write scripts or design graphics to configure an event?

a. No, our Control Panel enables you to create and configure events through any web interface, including Safari and Chrome. You can customise the number of digital photo frames for users to choose from, set the maximum number of prints per user, and more. Additionally, there are design themes ready for easy selection and application, and you can also upload custom frame designs.
b. Minimal IT knowledge is required.

How long does it take to set up an Event using MirrorBooth?

The MirrorBooth is designed for quick and easy setup, enabling you to launch your photo booth business in as little as 15 minutes. Its flight case design allows for effortless transport without the need for unboxing and packing. Simply remove the front cover in 30 seconds, power up, and set up equipment like the flash and printer within 5 minutes. We recommend an additional 10 minutes for testing everything before the event begins. This includes adjusting camera settings, ensuring there is enough paper and ink, and connecting to the network for real-time soft copy collection.

What equipment is needed for a Photo booth Event?

The MirrorBooth comes fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, including a large touch screen, a powerful PC with a built-in graphics card and speaker, providing an immersive brand experience. However, if you prefer to use your own DSLR or mirrorless camera, flash, printer, props, and a custom backdrop, you are also welcome to do so.

Can I run the photo booth without network connection on the event site?

Yes, you can run the photo booth without a network connection on the event site. You can pre-download the necessary content at your workspace before bringing the MirrorBooth to the event location. All the downloaded content will be stored in the built-in PC and will be ready to use in offline mode on the actual event date. All the photo-taking and printing functions will work well during offline mode. Without an internet connection, the soft copies will be stored on the local PC and will be uploaded to the Control Panel once an internet connection becomes available.

What are the printers that are compatible with the Mirror Booth?

The MirrorBooth is compatible with a wide range of printers. For high-performance event photo printing, we recommend the following tested and proven printers: DNP RX-1, DNP QW410, DNP D40, DNP DS620, DNP DS820, Fujifilm ASK-300, HiTi P525L, Mitsubishi CP-D70DW, Primera Impressa IP60, Sinfonia S3, and Sinfonia CS2. These printers have been found to work seamlessly with the MirrorBooth.

Do you have a demonstration office where I can see the Magic Mirror live in action?

Yes, we do have offices in Guildford, United Kingdom and Selangor, Malaysia which we can arrange for a live demonstration. Please Contact Us to schedule a meeting.

How can we update the software on Magic Mirror?

Software upgrades would be provided on a quarterly basis (under support contract) to maintain the latest version of Magic Mirror and keep it updated to the latest technology. For more information, please refer to the Magic Mirror Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Can we manage the advertisement content and scheduling on the Magic Mirror ourselves?

Yes, you can manage your advertisement content, playlist, schedulers through the web-based control panel that we would be providing.

Is warranty included in Magic Mirror?

Yes, we provide a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the hardware of Magic Mirror. For more information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

How can we monitor our Magic Mirrors if they are placed in various locations?

You can maintain and manage all your Magic Mirrors through a web-based control panel that we will be providing.

Will Magic Mirror provide any support if there is any technical issues?

Our customers are typically located overseas but they do receive constant support from us. We can provide maintenance and services by remotely connecting to your Magic Mirror. In addition, we have 2 support offices that are based in the United Kingdom (GMT+1) and Malaysia (GMT+8). This helps with managing the time difference and we can attend to your needs as soon as possible.

Does Magic Mirror provide software user training?

Magic Mirror will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to switch on the mirror for the first time. If any issues arise, feel free to Contact Us for support.

How does Magic Mirror's virtual try-on works?

Virtual Dressing allows customers to try on multiple outfits in mere seconds. Customers could swipe their hands left and right to switch out their outfits and the selected pieces will be superimposed onto the customer's body.

How do we manage the advertisement content and scheduling?

Our web-based control panel allows marketing personnel to manage their advertisements through playlist and schedulers, no technical expertise is required.

System Integration

When the Magic Mirror is not being used, can it act as a digital billboard?

Yes, the Magic Mirror can act as digital signage and it will continuously play digital contents in a loop when it is not active.

  1. Promotional videos
  2. Photo slideshow
  3. Instructional message
Can customers purchase products through the Magic Mirror?

Yes, customers can purchase products through Magic Mirror. They can browse and shop on the Magic Mirror, and a QR code will be generated during check out. Customers will scan the QR code and they will be directed to the particular e-commerce site to complete the purchase.


Can we manage the information and schedule the display timing on Magic Mirror according to the store's operation hours?

Yes, you can control the content and the timing of the Magic Mirror by scheduling it on a web-based control panel that we will be providing. You are welcome to schedule it based on your store's operating hours. You may also start or shut down the Magic Mirror at any point of the time.

How to start the Magic Mirror application?

You can start the Magic Mirror application by tapping on the Application icon on the screen. For more information, please refer to the Quick Startup Guide.

How to shut down the Magic Mirror application?

You can enter Alt-F4 to shut down the Magic Mirror application. For more information, please refer to the Quick Startup Guide.

What should I do if the printer is not working again?

  • 1. Check and ensure that the power for the printer is switched on.
  • 2. Unplug and plug in the power cable.
  • 3. Reboot the printer/Magic Mirror by switching off the main switch, and wait for 2 - 3 minutes before restarting the printer/Magic Mirror again.

What should I do if Kinect is not working?

When Kinect is not working, the Magic Mirror will not be able to detect the person standing in front of it. You can walk in and out of the sensor area to check if the Kinect is working. The ideal distance between the Magic Mirror and the user is 1.5 - 2 meters.

  1. Check and ensure that the power of Kinect in switched on.
  2. Unplug and plug in the cables.
  3. Reboot the Magic Mirror by switching off the main switch, and wait for 2 - 3 minutes before restarting the Magic Mirror again.
What should I do if the mirror is not connected to Internet?

  • 1. Check your internet router.
  • 2. Contact your internet service provider if the Internet connection is not available.


Does the installation include sending a personnel to the installation site?

Yes, we could send over technical personnel for installation. However, most of our customers do not require our personnel to be present for the installation. Magic Mirror will be delivered pre-configured and it is ready to be plug-and-play. If any assistance is required, Magic Mirror will provide support via phone to guide you through the installation process.

How long does it take to setup Magic Mirror?

It will approximately take 2 hours to setup. The program will start running once it is powered on and connected to the Internet.

Will the Magic Mirror overheat easily and should we take that into consideration for the placing of mirror?

The Magic Mirror will not overheat easily but it also should not be placed near to a heater. However, please leave some space at the back of the Magic Mirror as we would need access to the Magic Mirror for maintenance or replacement of equipment. For more information, please refer to 2.3 in the Information Pack.

Can we remove the base of Magic Mirror and hang/wall mount the product?

Yes, we will provide brackets for wall mounting installation upon request. For more information, please refer to 2.3 Installation Types in the Information Pack.

What type of installation methods are available for Magic Mirror?

We have 3 installation types, which includes Free Standing, Wall Mount, and Bolt Down to the floor. For more information, please refer to 2.3 Installation Types in the Information Pack.

Do you have to visit the project site to estimate the area needed?

As minimal installation is needed, it is not necessary for a site visit, however, you may send us some photos or drawings for the placement of Magic Mirror and we will try to provide you with our best advice.

How much space should be allocated around the Magic Mirror to optimize user experience.

It is recommended to leave some space in front of the mirror (minimum of 2 metres) to optimize the user experience.

Do you have installations of your product in the US? Any chance you have an installation in Chicago, IL USA?

We do have installations in the US. We have collaborated with Madame Tussauds on a Virtual Dressing Experience and a few other museums. Unfortunately, we don’t have any installation in Chicago now.

Does the MirrorBooth Package Price come with a DSLR Camera?

Professional photographers tend to have their beloved model of DSLR camera. Although the MirrorBooth package of USD$3850 does not come with a DSLR, our device is compatible with many DSLR models. Especially Canon that allows SDK installation, the camera setting is able to be configured with our photobooth application.

Delivery and Transportation

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we provide worldwide shipping. If you have concerns regarding custom clearance, we are more than happy to work with you on getting your Mirror delivered to the nearest airport of your location.

How long would an order typically take to be processed and shipped to London?

Our Magic Mirror is manufactured in the UK and it would typically take about 2-3 days for the mirror to get configured and prepared for pickup. Following up another 1-2 days is needed for transportation from Guildford to London. You would be able to receive the physical Magic Mirror within 5 working days after the sales confirmation. However, if you are outside of England, the shipping time would take about 2 to 3 weeks for air freight; 1-2 months for sea shipment.

Are there any local hire options that I can reach out to as an alternative?

Yes, we are happy to connect your requirement with our local marketing companies. The hire offering you will be liaising directly with them, and Magic Mirror Head Office will guiding you all the way from requirement, RFI, RFQ, proposal until project deliverable.

Is MirrorBooth available in my country?

Yes, MirrorBooth is available worldwide! We even offer flight case for maximum protection and ease of transportation.

How long does the software customisation takes?

After order confirmation and receving all the relevant marketing materials, it would typically take 2 - 3 weeks for software customisation. For more information, please refer to Section 5.0 in the Information Pack.

Will there be any changes/fluctuations in the delivery cost?

You may expect +/- 10% fluctuation on delivery price between the time quoted and the time of purchase.

For delivery outside the United Kingdom, which shipping method is more affordable?

For one unit of Magic Mirror, the price difference between the air and sea freight is minimal. If it is a larger order, sea freight would be more affordable.

Can we insure the Magic Mirror?

A basic insurance will typically be included during the freight. Any additional add-ons can be purchased separately and we are able to help with this option.

Can I use my own freight forwarder to handle the shipment?

If your order is 2 units of Magic Mirror and above, your freight forwarder may come and pick them up from our offices. 

What is the default packing for Magic Mirror?

Packaging of Magic Mirror will meet the International shipping standard and it will be packaged into a wooden crate.

How do we transport the Magic Mirror for multiple events at different locations?

Magic Mirror can provide a Flight Case at an additional cost to act as a protection for the Magic Mirror. It is also equipped with wheels to ease the transportation of Magic Mirror.

What are the available shipment options and the respective lead time?

We have 3 shipping methods, and the following is their respective lead time (excluding customs clearance):

  1. Air Shipment: 6-8 working days
  2. Land Shipment: 2-3 working days (Domestic shipment only - United Kingdom)
  3. Sea Shipment: 28-30 working days

For more information, please refer to Section 6.0 of the Information Pack.

Cost and Payment

What is the payment term?

We would typically require a full upfront payment prior to equipment configuration and delivery. Payments can be made through credit card (please note that there will be a 5% surcharge for credit card payment).

The payment can also be made via bank transfer with the following bank details,

Account Name: Magic Mirror
Account Number: 32500922
Bank Sort Code: 40-38-04
IBAN: GB87HBUK40380432500922
Bank name: HSBC
Bank address: HSBC, 8 Canada Square 13 E4 01, London, United Kingdom
What is the payment process?

We will send a Pro-forma Invoice to retailers to view and sign on. Upon receiving the signed order and full upfront payment, we will start working on the hardware and software configuration for Magic Mirror.

Do you accept credit card for payment?

Yes, we accept credit card payment. However, there will be a 5% surcharge for credit card payment.

What type of duty tax do you think we could expect per unit?

It depends on the import policy of your country. Unfortunately, we could not provide advice on this matter. Nonetheless, we can prepare the relevant documents for customs clearance if it is an oversea shipment. These documents may include but not be limited to commercial invoice, packing list, specific HS code, and product description. These normally come with a fairly low duty charge.

Are there any hidden cost in the listed price?

No, the price would include all the costs of building, configuring, assembling and delivering the activated units to you.

Will there be any changes to the pricing if some demo software applications are taken out?

No, the price would be constant as the price is inclusive of hardware, Magic Mirror OS software platform, and the control panel. Moreover, the price includes a lifetime software license for all the software modules.

How much is the software customization fee? How will it be charged?

Software customization is a one-off project cost. The cost will vary depending on the software applications that you're interested in. The number of Magic Mirror hardware does not affect the software customization cost.

Does Magic Mirror provide rental options?

No, we currently do not offer rental options for our Magic Mirror units. Instead, we provide a purchase option where customers can own a unit outright. This approach allows customers, particularly digital agency companies, to continuously use the Magic Mirror at their events without the constraints of rental agreements. By owning a unit, customers can use it for numerous future events, making it more economical in the long run. Plus, after 4 - 5 events, the cost of the unit will already be paid off. Our Magic Mirror is highly customizable, allowing users to create different experiences and maximize branding exposure. We've seen successful implementations worldwide, including partnerships with companies like Filmbook in France and collaborations with Sony Pictures Entertainment for global movie launches. Additionally, we offer flight cases for secure transportation of the unit between events, ensuring convenience and reliability. Therefore, acquiring a Magic Mirror unit is recommended.

Does Magic Mirror provide refunds?

Just like any other corporate standard purchase process, Magic Mirrors bought are non-refundable. However, we do offer alternative solutions to accommodate your needs. We can possibly delay the delivery of your Mirrors for an extended period, with them securely stored in our warehouses at no additional cost until you require shipment while you try to secure another similar project in the coming months. Alternatively, you can choose to have one Mirror shipped to your office for demonstration purposes while the remaining units are safely stored with us. 


How can I be a reseller in my country?

Kindly submit your request at our Contact Form and one of our representatives will reach out to you regarding becoming a reseller.

Do you provide training for resellers?

No training is required for the reseller as our Magic Mirror is delivered pre-configured and designed to be plug-and-play. Nonetheless, if you encounter any technical issues, feel free to reach out to us and one of our personnel will be able to provide support and maintenance by remotely connecting to the Magic Mirror.

What would happen if one of my clients from my region request a quotation from Magic Mirror?

If your clients request a quotation directly from us, we will refer them to you.

Do you provide demo applications for customers?

Yes, we do provide demo applications according to the client's use case.

Here are some sample videos of our readily available apps:

Fun Photobooth

Interactive Advertisement

Interactive Game