Self-Service Kiosk
Functional Helper with
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The patented design engages customer interaction with its angled touch screen for easy and convenience

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Trusted by Businesses and Organisations Across Public Spaces, Shopping Malls, Hotels, and Office Buildings.

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Self-Service Kiosk™

Designed with metal body protected and heavy base, allows optional add-on for NFC payment, printing and more.

1490 USD

  • Plug-and-play 24” digital kiosks.
  • All hardware comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Study design that suit in public spaces (Mall, Offices, Hotels)
  • Inclusive of Magic Mirror OS™ software licensing
  • Web-based control panel for CMS and usage analytics.

In Stock. *Recommended Add-On: Support Contract from $420/year

What’s in the Box?
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Magic Mirror designs and manufacturing Self Service Kiosk with the vision of adaptive, effective and intelligent. A sleek form and an appealing finish characterise the Self-Service Kiosk. Its patented design encourages customer interaction with an angled touch screen, providing both ease and convenience. The kiosk features a modular design, facilitating straightforward maintenance and operation through a rear access panel.

Product Details

Product Dimensions

420mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 1550mm (H)

Base Plate: 580mm (L) x 420mm (W)

Product Weight

Gross Weight: 62kg


1 year manufacturer warranty

Country of origin

Made in the UK

Regional Availability

Global. Worldwide Shipping

PC Specifications


Intel® i3 Processor with Smart Cache

Operating System (OS)

Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition (or latest)

Graphic Card (GPU)

Intel® HD Graphics 4400 and above

Memory (RAM)




Audio-Visual Specifications

Display Monitor

Full Ultra HD IPS LCD Display Panel

Active Display: 296mm x 527 mm (9:16)

Resolution: 1080×1920 (RGB) HD

Luminance: 400 cd/m2

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Touch Screen


Touch points: 10 points

Zero Pressure Touch. Support drag/ zoom.


Dual speaker


48dB Omnidirectional

Case Specifications

Key Features for Case Design

  • Built using premium heavy duty metal
  • Available in black and white
  • Scratch resistance powder coated
  • 3mm - Toughened Tempered Glass
  • Come with secure lock and key

Internal Structure

Lightweight and Sturdy

Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

Extremely Ductile with Precise Engineering

External access port

1x 110/220v DV Power Input with switch

1x System boot up button

2x USB Type A 3.0

1x RJ45 LAN Port

Compatible Equipment

  • Card payment
  • Barcode and QC Code Scanner
  • Thermal/ colour printer



  • Metal case with heavy base
  • Built-in PC
  • Full HD IPS Monitor
  • Touch screen
  • Tempered mirror
  • Dual speaker
  • Adaptive to add-on machine (payment, printer, etc)
  • Usage analytics
  • Theme customisation
  • Assets library
  • Event playlist scheduler
  • Work offline
  • Device Health check
  • Multi-language

What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Self-service Kiosk
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 1 x Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Safety Sheet

Stunning Design. Digital Signage with Elegance and Functionalities

Discover a kiosk crafted for your convenience with a simple, sturdy design. No mounting required – it confidently stands on its own solid base. We've tailored it to meet your needs, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any space, it quietly complements your environment, whether standing with a metal base or blending discreetly into the surroundings.

Stunning Design. Digital Signage with Elegance and Functionalities
24” Full Touch Screen Display 24” Full Touch Screen Display

24” Full Touch Screen Display

Featuring a high speed of response at 3 - 8 milliseconds through a 3mm tempered glass, the display is able to provide a responsive and interactive experience, with no delay. The 24” capacitance touch panel with 10 points allows users to navigate through the apps.

Powerful Processing Unit

Self-Service Kiosk takes full advantage of the Intel CPU with great processing power to run an array of applications at once and ensure a smooth running of all applications. It also comes with SSD and graphics card, accelerating the system performance for rich responsive of multimedia and virtual reality experience.

Powerful Processing Unit Powerful Processing Unit
Wayfinding and Directories

Wayfinding and Directories

Boost efficiency for large venues with our integrated interactive Wayfinding software, especially in large public buildings such as shopping centers, university campuses, science museums, etc. Our solution ensures smooth navigation and easy data updates, enhancing both visitor experience and operational efficiency.

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Magic Concierge

Say hello to Magic. Self-service Kiosk is your 24/7 assistance through voice-activated queries, touch-screen interactions. It is AI-driven responses supports by big data analytics. Enhancing your visitor experiences in hotels, malls, and public spaces while offering valuable data insights for management.

Magic Concierge

Sleek, Sturdy, Portable

Crafted for longevity and sturdiness, the Self-Service Kiosk is well-suited for continuous use in public spaces. Its discreet design ensures it effortlessly fits into different revenue environments.

Sturdy and Solid Base Icon

Sturdy and Solid Base

Well-crafted base ensuring enduring stability

Built-In Microphone Feature Icon

Built-In Microphone Feature

Seamless user communication, integrated microphone

ADA-Compliant Accessibility Icon

ADA-Compliant Accessibility

Accessible design meets ADA standards

Integrated Audio Experience Icon

Integrated Audio Experience

Clear, integrated audio for enhanced user experience

24” Touch Screen Display Icon

24” Touch
Screen Display

Interactive, immersive branding experience

Angled Touch Screen Interface Icon

Angled Touch Screen Interface

Ergonomic, angled touch screen for ease

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